act course act classes istanbulThe ACT exam is accepted by many American universities, measures eligibility for academic study and is as popular as the SAT exam in recent years. We are ambitious about achieving the desired success with our experienced and successful ACT teachers. With the ACT Private Courses and ACT Group Courses we offer, the lessons that students need are given by our expert teachers in the most efficient way. We provide guidance and consultancy services especially in exam strategies and time management. In addition, the ACT essays, which are regularly conducted every week, allow us to keep a close eye on our students’ success and missing issues. Systematic and disciplined ACT Tutoring makes success inevitable.

ACT test consists of 4 sections as;

  1. English
  2. Math
  3. Reading
  4. Science Reasoning

The exam, which consists of 215 multiple choice questions, lasts approximately 3.5 hours. The exam is given six times a year and students’ composite scores range from 1 to 36.

 English Test  45 Minutes  75 Questions
 Maths Test  60 Minutes  60 Questions
 Science Test  35 Minutes  40 Questions
 Reading Test  35 Minutes  40 Questions
Writing  30 Minutes  –

In order to be successful in ACT, the student must have a very strong English background. ACT can be considered as a race against time.

ACT Exam Registration

ACT exam applications are made online at the ACT Students website. Applicants who apply online must first create a user account. Then, they can apply by selecting an exam center and date according to the city they will take the test. Your exam registration process is also done by our consultants.

Why ACT Prep with us?

Regardless of which course, private tutoring is a disciplinary process. Taking courses from an institution that can apply this discipline both accelerates and strengthens the development of the student. For this reason, taking ACT tutoring from a trusted institution will take you to the goal of 34+ points as soon as possible. We also offer sat tutoring and sat group lessons for students who prefer the SAT. As Test Prep, we follow up and report all of our students personally.

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