ssat test prep courses in istanbulSSAT is a state-administered test used to evaluate understudies’ capacities to enlist in a free school. SSAT measures the essential verbal, science and perusing aptitudes that understudies requirement for effective execution in free schools. We are helping understudies to get acknowledged to the schools by our prep courses which are partitioned into two as SSAT Group Courses and SSAT Private Courses.

SSAT Levels

SSAT is composed and looked into by autonomous school educators and substance and test experts. When a test question has been kept in touch with, it is inspected in detail by an advisory group that has achieved an agreement on the reasonableness of the issue. It at that point experiences a thorough standard procedure to dissect the inquiry and its answers. At the point when the inquiries are factually demonstrated, they are set in the test shapes. The dissemination of inquiry troubles is resolved with the goal that the test viably separates between test members who change their capacity levels. There are three SSAT levels:

  1. Basic Level SSAT – for children in grades 3 and 4 who apply for admission to Grades 4 and 5.
  2. Medium Level SSAT – for children in grades 5 – 7 who apply for admission to Grades 6 and 7.
  3. Top Level SSAT – for children who apply for admission to Grades 8 and 11.

SSAT Private Course

Remember that your SSAT scores are contrasted and those of an extremely extraordinary gathering of understudies. SSAT may have an alternate level of the year to year contingent upon the pool of understudies taking the SSAT, and the SSAT percentiles ought not be contrasted with those acquired from different kinds of state-administered tests. The SSAT standard gathering is exceptionally focused. Your outcomes are contrasted and alternate understudies who take the SSAT (same review/sexual orientation) to apply to probably the most remarkable autonomous schools in the nation as it were.

Test Scoring

Top Level SSAT is at present 8-11. It is a numerous decision examination comprising of composed, verbal, quantitative (arithmetic) and perusing understanding areas. Getting comfortable with the configuration of the test and inspecting the application addresses will make your test-taking knowledge simpler.

Section Number of Questions Duration
Writing Sample 1 (unscored)   25 minutes
Break 5 minutes
Quantitative 1 25   30 minutes
Reading 40   40 minutes
Break 10 minutes
Verbal 60   30 minutes
Quantitative 2 25   30 minutes
Experimental 16   15 minutes
Totals 167   3 hours, 5 minutes

For what reason should the TestPrep’s SSAT course be favored?

We can comprehend the aspirations of understudies who need to consider abroad. The SSAT Exam offers understudies the chance to exhibit their capacities. We are with them at the time they require most and we help them in each subject. This procedure, which keeps going numerous years from start to finish, is constantly close to the understudies.

Together with the SSAT course, we offer our outside admission consultancy benefit in Dubai, when applying to secondary school. We are respected to offer the SSAT course at a universal level. Hopefuls who need to get nitty-gritty data about SSAT can visit the authority SSAT site.

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